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The year is 2030, and Earth A314 has reached a population of ten billion humans, thus unknowingly meeting the final requirement needed to join the multiverse. Trace Taylor, an eighteen-year-old redhead, was at a shooting range when the world was kidnapped by the alien species called the ‘Esvol.’ They begin humanity’s integration with the System using a highly-advanced nanochip, giving each individual person a class to fend for themselves before sending them back. Once Trace returns to Earth, she finds that the planet too is left scarred by this encounter, now filled with Dungeons full of monsters and Gates to another world. 

With nothing but a handgun and her trusty new AI by her side, how will Trace come to survive this newly-changed planet? 

This story is a YA take on the “LitRPG Apocalypse” genre. It takes places in an alternate reality where, in addition to numerous other things, Earth’s population reaches ten billion in 2030. I do hope you consider giving it a shot— no pun intended.

This story is also being posted on RoyalRoad, ScribbleHub, and r/HFY under the accounts Killshot_Apocalypse.